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True Wealth December 19, 2007

Posted by shaferfinancial in paradigm shift.
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On the eve of my rollout of the Shafer True Wealth Academy, I thought I would put some thoughts on my blog about what “True Wealth” is about.

First, I need to digress a little.   For years I worked as someone’s employee.  Sometimes this relationship was good, and sometimes it wasn’t, but the real issue was that I wasn’t particularly happy.  For me it was loss of control of my life.  My last job, when a client wanted us to work for them, it usually meant travel and overnight stay, many times on short notice.  When our son arrived, this situation became a source of unhappiness. 

When circumstances dictated a job change, I came to believe that being someone’s employee was not where I wanted to be, so I started Shafer Financial.  Since that decision it has been both emotionally and financially up and down, but the bottom line is that I am a happier person because I have control over my time.  When my dad died, I was able to grieve and deal with closing down someone’s life without having to worry about a boss’s expectations.  When there was a school function for my son, I went.  When my wife needed me I was there.  I am able to prioritize what is important to me.

That is the core of what “True Wealth” is about.  I believe in order for people to have more control over their lives they must start with their financial life.   Once control over one’s financial life is established, it works its way outward to all other parts of their lives; their personal relationships, their health, intellectual, and spiritual lives.

In my mind, creating true wealth is dependant on the confidence and security that comes with seeing your net worth increasing year after year.  And that is dependant on getting one’s mind around a new way of thinking.  Unfortunately, developing a new way of thinking (a new paradigm) is not as simple as reading a book or two or going to a weekend seminar.  For me it took several years of reading, thinking, and introspection to start to see that change.  Had I had a mentor to help me through this process, I believe it would have happened more purposefully, and ultimately been a quicker process.

The actual techniques used to build net worth are individualistic, and that is also a new concept for many people.  Warren Buffet, perhaps the greatest investor ever, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, all uniformly think that the “save and invest in mutual funds” thought pattern is not likely to create wealth, nor in my opinion create the security needed to be able to move successfully into new paradigm thinking. 

The aim is to move our way of thinking into a place that can see opportunity when it comes by, act on it without fear, and end up in a place of control over our lives.  

Hope, everyone has a happy holiday season.  My family and I will leave for our condo in New Hampshire soon.  There is already good snow up there.  You should see the smile on my son’s face, when told of this.  He loves to ski and snowboard.



1. Josh - September 17, 2008

interesting series on “paradigm shift”. If I didn’t already have a mentor I would seriously consider joining your school, and thanks for contributing to 7million7years. I’m sure everyone would also appreciate your knowledge over at 7m7y.com as well, so stop by some time.

2. shaferfinancial - September 17, 2008

Thanks Josh. Feel free to send others over to my blog. I am working hard to get the word out!

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