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Design Your Life to Be Exactly How You Want It! March 11, 2008

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Yesterday, my son and I rode downtown from our home to get a couple of items at the grocery store.  My neighborhood is right on Tampa Bay, so we ride through the neighborhood waving at our neighbors and stopping occasionally for a short chat while gazing on the water.  We then go past the Salvador Dali Museum, riding on the back side looking for dolphins in the bay.  Next is a marina with sailboats gently rocking back and forth and then a university.  Finally, past a condominium project and into the Publix parking lot.  The whole way accomplished on sidewalks, a must for the safety of my five year old.  On the way back I think, I could not have planned my life any better!  Then it hit me.  I did plan my life.  When my wife and I bought in our neighborhood, downtown St. Petersburg was not developed in any way like it is now.  There was no grocery store, no ice cream stores, no upscale condominiums.  Truth is, much of that was just starting to be put on the planning board when we bought.  But, we purchased in our neighborhood specifically because it was urban.  We felt all along that we did not want to buy into a suburb or a gated community.  We imagined, even back then, being able to walk/ride downtown to go to restaurants, art galleries, etc.  We felt strongly that if we were able to have children that is the life we would want for them.  And it happened!  Perhaps we got lucky.  But the bottom line is that we took a chance at creating our life exactly how we imagined it and it happened. 

I have taken another chance recently.  I have mentioned before that I have taken advantage of the slowdown in mortgage origination to build a new business.  This business allows me more freedom than ever thanks to modern communication methods.  It also combines my love of teaching with my wealth creation knowledge.  The Shafer Wealth Academy is now officially up and running.  If the idea of having a Wealth Coach is intriguing to you please check out my web site (www.shaferwealthacademy.com).

Helping people build wealth is something I have enjoyed doing immensely.  I think this is a step forward in that goal, allowing to more directly impact people’s wealth creation.

Please know I will continue to blog and am very thankful for my readers!

Yours  in Wealth Creation,

David Shafer


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