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The Baggage We All Carry. March 24, 2008

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Many times I hear from clients about the past.  Usually it was about mistakes made and why they aren’t in a position to develop wealth now.  We all have made mistakes, financial and otherwise.  But, if we let that fact carry the day and keep us from making decisions then we have compounded that mistake.  Too many in our society live in the past, burdened by the baggage of things behind them.  It really doesn’t matter.  Divorce, lost money, bad career decision, etc. are common refrains.  If you live in the past, then these things will keep you from reaching your full potential.  Studies of wealth point out that most fail many times before they figure out how to create wealth.  Many a fortune has been lost and gained several times.  Remember this, it is the trip not the destination that is important.  Opportunities exist in the “now,” not the past or the future. 

I am currently in New Hampshire, skiing with my family.  They have had more snow this winter than any in memory.  It is still a winter wonderland.  Because of this snow, many are happy because it drives the economy.  During poor snow winters, exactly the opposite happens.  Even now, some folks live in the past poor winters, bemoaning the lost income.  Put yourself in position to benefit from the good, leave the bad behind, live in the now and rejoice about the trip.



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