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Don’t have enough time? April 1, 2008

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One of the key elements of our lives is time.  There never seems to be enough.  Of course, that perspective is really not about time but about how we spend our time.  What people mean when they say there is not enough time is that their time is already organized in such a way as to limit their use of time for themselves.  One of the more interesting sociological concepts involves the way we have chosen to give up our time to others.  Just two hundred years ago, there was plenty of time to spend with family, friends or even by ourselves.  But, little by little we have been trained to give this time to others.  It starts with school.  Once organized around other activities (farming) it now dominates our formative years.  Starting at age 4 (pre-k) we spend increasing amounts of time in the “classroom.”  Now, we are suppose to learn and prepare ourselves for a productive life with school, but judging from what I learned (and I see no difference with recent graduates), the amount learned versus amount of time spent is way out of line.  I mean if you want to scare yourself add up the time you spent in school.  No way it takes this long to acquire the ability to read, write, do arithmetic, and learn the basics about the world.

Then there is work.  Americans spend more time than anyone else working.  And that is increasing.  Now father puts in 50 hours and mother another 25 hours.  Time spent not working often is spent standing in line at the store, bank, or in your car in traffic. 

Even the peculiar statement “time is money” sends us a message about time.  But the truly strange fact is that time and money have only a very convoluted connection.  Take the businessman lunch or now the golf course.  If the businessman has a pleasant lunch meeting or plays a round of golf and does a deal it could mean many $$.  But was that work or pleasure?  Is the investor whose money is working hard for her, while she is skiing, any less productive than the person running the ski lift?  Our society would say so, and say it with the moral language of the day.  Work hard, save don’t spend, invest in mutual funds is the mantra.  But who benefits from that mantra?

Imagine what you could accomplish if your living expenses were taken care of, if you were free from worry about the day to day expenses of living.

Would you take back control of time?  Would you spend it as you desired, not as some authority figure tells you to?

After a lifetime of ceding authority over your time to someone else could you make the adjustment to taking control of it yourself?  It’s a overly used mantra, but maybe you should consider putting your money to work instead of you.  Maybe you should change your job to managing your money, instead of working to save enough so one day in the far future you could stop working for money.  Maybe you should take control of time instead of complaining there is no time! 

The Shafer Wealth Academy is designed to show you how.




1. traderpig - April 7, 2008

Some great insights. It’s relatively easy to tell yourself that enough is enough when you have some money, but the pressures for the spouse and expectations to your kids are not easy to deal with……

2. traderpig - April 7, 2008

…. the pressures FROM the spouse ….

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