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Are your fighting the Retirement Wars with last centuries tools? April 11, 2008

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Thanks to Todd Carpenter at Lenderama for this blast from the past.  It’s called Gun Sale and the caption goes something like this:  Salesman, I don’t have time for a salesman, I got a war to fight!

I remember this cartoon from years ago and it made me chuckle then as well as now.

Are you fighting the finance wars with outmoded equipment?  Simply put do you think Mutual Funds or Certificates of Deposits or Annuities are going to get you to a comfortable retirement? If you do then you are like this King going off to war with a sword instead of a gun.  Many people are so busy fighting the battle of life to take the time to really look at the equipment they use.  They assume the equipment of the last century is good enough for them to use in this century.  But we all know the defined benefit plans of the last century are mostly gone except for goverment workers.  Mutual funds were designed to complement those defined benefit plans, not to be the only retirement vehicle.  401K’s were designed as a additional way to get compensation into the hands of upper level management, not to be the only retirement vehicle.  Yet, these financial vehicles are now being sold as the way to retirement riches.  They aren’t and the proof is out there as I have pointed out many times.  Either you learn to become more entreprenuerial or you risk a very rocky retirement.  Either you learn to produce real wealth or you leave your financial fortunes to Wall Street.  And if you think that Wall Street has your best interest at heart, then there is no helping you!  Folks don’t go to the retirement war with last centuries tools



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