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You Can’t Handle the Truth! May 15, 2008

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Ever since Jack Nicholson uttered that famous line in A Few Good Men, it has become one of the more memorable scenes in motion picture history.  But what was it about that line that resonated so strongly?  Is it because the truth scares us?  Or is it that the truth might cause us to rethink cherished ideas?  Winston Churchill stated “Men occasionally stumble over the truth,  but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”  And I think he was on to something important.


We go through our lives depending on “common sense” or as I call them myths of how the world works, and have a very hard time when an idea comes along that calls into question that myth of how the world works.  Even when the evidence is overwhelming, we have a hard time changing our beliefs.  The truth is (and there is that word again) that it is hard work to actually let the evidence guide our beliefs.  First, the evidence needs to be presented to us, then we have to research the veracity of the evidence, and finally we have to throw off what has become comfortable. That is why so few people are willing to become excellent thinkers and in a sense can’t handle the truth.  It takes too much work!

So you decide, can you handle the truth?  Are you willing to look beyond the myths and when you discover real truths, act on them?  Ultimately, this is what will separate you from the herd and make you into a highly successful person.  And I think that line from A Few Good Men resonated because it had a good deal of truth inbedded in it!



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