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Competition for YOUR Money! May 19, 2008

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The financial advice industries have been competing for your dollars for at least 1 hundred years.  These industries are the securities industry (Wall Street), insurance industry, banking industry, and now the accounting industry.  So with all this competition the consumer is finding it easy going right?  Well, exactly the opposite has happened.  Part of it is you, the consumer, of course.  These industries spend much money finding out what you want or put more aptly what will make you buy their services.  And you have told them.  Things like flexibility, reduced risk, simple ideas, etc.  So that is how they market their products to you.  But there is one big problem.  It is all based on a lie.

This lie is that you can produce wealth (or a comfortable retirement) without taking risks and with simple minded advice.  Now, this lie works for these companies because they can hire armies of sales people, who will perpetuate this lie mainly because they don’t know any better.  One interesting fact in The Millionaire Next Door series is that Financial Service workers actually are what the authors call wealth underachievers.  In other words, for their income level, they create less than average wealth.  Folks these are the people who are giving you advice!

If you are going to take advice from anyone, should it not be the overachievers?  Or the people who actually have built wealth?

Now, these industries each have products that are useful for building wealth.  But generally, they must be used  in novel and creative ways to accomplish wealth creation.  And in each of these industries, a small slice of the folks actually know how to be creative with the products to help you fund a bountiful life.  You need to find these folks to help you. 


But first you need to arm yourself with enough knowledge and a realistic

wealth building plan.


Go to www.shaferwealthacademy.com for that plan!



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