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Review of Marketopoly re: Real Estate Investing June 18, 2008

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The mass media can usually be counted on to bark up the wrong tree when it comes to anything having to do with finance.  Real Estate Investing continues the mass media’s totally clueless act!  If you listened to the media you would think that only a fool would invest in real estate because everyone that owns real estate is going into foreclosure and has lost their shirt due to price devaluations.  Of course this is bunk and many folks continue to build massive amounts of wealth through real estate.  If anything the recent foreclosure activity and credit crunch has increased the demand for rentals, therefore increasing the value of investment property.  As I have said before “fear” is what the mass media sells, not rational or factual discussion.

The real question is how does one keep from making mistakes when investing in anything, including real estate?  The answer is first educate yourself, then find a mentor/professional to help guide you.  Enter a new book into the marketplace, called Marketopoly.  Mark Mackenzie decided to write the book after getting tired of the constant negative information being put out there by the mass media.  Mark designed the book as a primer to becoming a real estate investor instead of a speculator.  Consider it an antidote to the years of seminars and books designed to turn innocent folks into real estate speculators that resulted in most of them losing their shirts and their credit.

You want to learn how to invest in real estate.  Read this book first.  Divided up into easy to read sections it parses the most important subjects for real estate investors; inventory, market demand, market timing, and analytical metrics.  The reader will learn how to think about investment real estate, why real estate appreciation is only the icing on the cake for investors, and how to calculate cap rates, return on investment, and cash flow.  Mark Mackenzie is among the few real estate brokers that has taken a national view of real estate.  He insists the real estate investor must invest in markets where the fundamentals are strong, regardless of where the investor actually lives.  This is sage advice.  I wish Mr. Mackenzie would have added more depth when talking about taxation, but since he is a real estate broker and not a CPA, I think he made a decision to keep with what he knows best. 

You can order his book here:  http://themarketopolybook.com/

By now most folks know that I really love the wealth building capability of real estate. By becoming a real estate investor you can separate yourself from the herd. If you want to build a wealth creation plan based on what works, not what Wall Street wants you to think works, then click here:  http://www.shaferwealthacademy.com



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