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Spidey Sense! June 19, 2008

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For fans of Spiderman, one of his most interesting super power was “spidey sense.”  This was an intuitive feeling that Spiderman got that made him tingle when danger was near.  I think it was most interesting because I think most folks have “spidey sense.”  Tell me you don’t sense something is not quite right with your financial life????  Tell me when you open up that report from your 401K/IRA/Brokerage account that you don’t have that foreboding sense????

I believe the reason you have that feeling is you know, deep down, that you are in trouble, that what Wall Street/Big Banks/Insurance has told you is not true, that you need to do something different to reach your goals?  Is this true?

Because if your spidey sense is giving you that feeling you need to call me and have a discussion about it.  Now, point blank, I am going to try to sell you on joining the Shafer Wealth Academy (www.shaferwealthacademy.com), but you are an intellegent person and can tell if the Academy is for you. Just don’t ignore that feeling.  Call me so we can talk about it!  




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