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A Call to Action! August 13, 2008

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I’ve been debating about sending an e-mail to folks who have contacted me and are still sitting on the sidelines that goes like this: 

What has changed since you first contacted the Shafer Wealth Academy?  Have you created a wealth building plan?  Have you seen your wealth creation change directions?  Has your financial attitude changed?  Or are you still stuck in the same losing rut?

Would it be a mean e-mail?  Or would it be a “call to action” for folks? Would folks just change the channel?  You guys let me know what you think.




 I know how hard it is to change.  I know it is especially hard to change when fear is all around us.  Most people are taught through schools and parents and friends to play it safe.  Security is the name of the game.  So they end up sitting on the sidelines watching others do something.  The reality TV shows that are so popular today are an example of this.  People watch other people making fool’s of themselves and think its so much better to be sitting on their couch, safe from ridicule.  The underlying message of reality shows is that it is better to be a observer of life, than to actually live it!  Now, much is written about the reality show contestants, much of it ridicule, but at least they are doing something to make their dreams a reality.  Personally, I don’t understand the drive to be a celebrity, but for many it is obviously there.

In the personal finance world, we receive the same message.  People who accomplish wealth creation are watched from afar, many times ridiculed (Robert Kiyosaki), sometimes celebrated (Warren Buffet), sometimes both (Donald Trump), but generally all this comes from people sitting on their couches not even in the game.

Last generation sitting on the sidelines of the wealth game was a relatively harmless activity.  Now, this is a dangerous position. Call me or e-mail me or go to www.shaferwealthacademy.com and fill out the contact form to get off the sidelines and into the game.



1. Anonymous - August 14, 2008

Very nice post. I’m sure most of the sideline people are faithful readers of your blog and so there probably is now no need to even send the email. You sneaky devil you! 😉

Otherwise, you are right about sitting on the sidelines. But I think many of the people who are on the sidelines, like myself, aren’t worried too much about the money to pay you but the return on the investment.

I think your biggest issues, if you do write an email, is to explain away the fears that people like me have. I’m *this* close to signing up but I have this whisper in my ear saying, “What makes this guy different from all the other ‘experts’ who sell snake oil and only make themselves rich and not the people they are supposed to be helping?”

Your email should be convincing in this regard and truely show what it is you are giving us for our money and time.

2. Anonymous - August 14, 2008

I want to add one more thing in regards to your post. As I read through your post a second time it dawned on me how you compared what people though of Robert K, Warren B., & Donald Trump.

People see Robert K. in a bad light because nobody has been able to quantify if his story is even true, no matter how good the material is. He comes off as a bit of a liar and it makes you think about him in a way where you can’t fully trust him.

Warren B. is liked all around because we can see, without any doubt, that at one time he was “one of us”. If he can make it then why the hell can’t I!? That’s how we see him and why we all love him so much.

Donald T. is a mix of the two. While he worked hard and very smartly to get where he was, then wasn’t, and then was again we value his input in regards to business and particularly in negotiations and creative business strategy. However, he’s also seen in a bad light because he comes off as thinking he is God and better than everyone else. Look at me I’m so Rich, etc. etc.

So, although I know you may be flattered, I’m going to throw you into this bunch and compare you to them and let you know where you stand.

Dave S. is perceived the same way that Robert K. is. Honestly, you have a website and a blog and claim to be very rich on your website but yet nobody can quantify it. You don’t have the lovable story and track record that Warren B. has. Nor do you have the obvious wealth that Donald T. has that we can all clearly see.

What we have is a man claiming to have “found a better way” (I think we’ve all heard that one before) to become rich/wealthy. In fact, doesn’t Robert K. say the same thing? My friend, if you truely want to help people and earn the respect that Warren B. has, you’ll need to stop being like Robert K. and starting visiting the state of Missouri more often and learn their motto and SHOW US who you really are.

3. shaferfinancial - August 14, 2008


I think you have hit the conundrum! Trust is always an issue. It is exasperated by the internet where anybody can claim anything. You ask me to show you who I really am? I am the guy writing this blog. That is my family I occasionally put a picture or video of on this blog. I don’t have a fancy office to impress, nor do I drive expensive cars. I am not wealthy in my mind, especially compared to Warren or Donald or even Robert. I have never made a huge income. What I have done is take a negative net worth and turn it into a decent positive net worth in a few short years.

I can’t prove that fact, without any shadow of doubt (I suspect that is where Kiyosaki’s critics get their traction) to anyone. Nor do I need to. Despite your projections the only claim I make is that I can help people along the road to creating wealth. I can’t guarantee my clients will become wealthy (even if I knew exactly what that was), because no one can. If you have read my website and this blog then you probably have all the knowledge you need to do it yourself without paying me a cent. I give it out for free!

But what people do pay me for is to make sure they have the knowledge (knowledge is really the easiest part), to help them create the psychological environment to succeed, and to hold them accountable for the plan we have built for them.

Really, my wealth is not relevant to this process. However, what is relevant is that I am going through the same process as my clients, but a little further along. If you are looking for a guarantee of success or a “recipe,” there is none. Only a process and data as to what has worked for people in general and what has not worked. You know Warren Buffett has been very forthcoming with his process, yet no one else (outside of Berkshire Hathaway) has been able to duplicate his success.

Now here is a question for you? If you wanted to become a world class swimmer, would you choose for your coach Michael Phelps or his coach Robert Bowman? Robert Bowman was a average college swimmer and you know who Phelps is! I would take Bowman, because the technique of swimming is well known, but creating a good psychological environment for producing great swimmers is much more rare.

That is why I ask people to contact me for a phone conversation first. We can get to know each other on the phone. If you end the conversation without a belief that I can help you, then it has cost you nothing. In that phone conversation we can set up the parameters of the relationship including how we are going to handle the money part. And for the record, if anyone asked for their money back within a reasonable amount of time I would refund it to them minus the minimal cost of course materials. Hasn’t happened yet, but my integrity is not worth keeping a small amount of $$. And for the record I have turned down clients who I felt would not be a good mix for me. All this is unprovable to you, of course, but nevertheless true.

Finally, [my friend] I already help people, have earned respect from many, and will continue to do both with or without you. I suspect you will move on or simply read my blog for a while, telling yourself that I might be a fraud, so you are better off not making contact. Just as the majority tells themselves the security of “a job” or the security of “low risk” investments is the safe way to approach life. That is perfectly reasonable to do and doesn’t make you or I a good or bad person. Good Luck in your future endeavors.

4. Anonymous - August 14, 2008

Your response was thorough and well said. I’m sorry if I may have offended you but my actions were honorable. I posted as I did to help others, like myself, understand who you are and where you are coming from.

A lot of scammers would not have responded to my post but would have just deleted it in the hopes that nobody else had seen it.

Your defense shows that you are honorable, intelligent, and dedicated to what you do. I hope that others will see this and experience what you have to offer.

I congratulate you on your success and I look forward to learning what you have to offer. You’ll hear from me soon as I am now a believer. God bless.

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