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What is the most important aspect for wealth creation? August 21, 2008

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The simplest and simultaneously the most complicated aspect of wealth creation is your attitude.  Every author that has looked at the wealthy, every academic that studies wealth, and every wealthy person will tell you the same thing.  Yet, few folks fully understand that key point and if they do have no clue how to create the required attitude in themselves.

First, the reality.  The required attitude is opposite what most people have, therefore oppposite how people think and behave.   We are socialized first by our parents (family), then by school, and finally by chosen peers.  Without going into my whole problems with school structure (maybe a post for another day) lets just say schools are not designed to teach folks how to get wealthy but are designed to convince folks to become a working part of the middle class.  Most parents aren’t wealthy and so can’t pass on this wealth attitude.  Rarely do we surround ourselves with wealthy folks even if we could gain access to them.  So all these primary socialization factors are not only working against us gaining the correct attitude for wealth building, but actually create the opposite attitude.  This is why it is incredibly difficult to change our attitudes into alignment with wealth building.  Daily, minute by minute, the opposite attitude drips into both our unconscious and conscious brain.  Does anyone think they can turn around this damaging environment which rains down on them by simply reading a few books or going to a weekend seminar?

We know that a particular attitude is required to become a wealth builder, this attitude is opposite what we are taught.  We know that the opposite attitude drips down on us from everywhere on a daily basis.  We know that to change one’s attitude takes purposeful action over time, consistent encouragement, strong belief and tangible results resulting from the changed attitude.

That in a nutshell is what we do at the Shafer Wealth Academy.  The strategies are based on what social psychology tells us works.  Its that simple.  Its that hard!



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