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Summer’s Over! August 22, 2008

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Summer’s over and my family and I will be heading to Florida to get my son back in school.  I will take a few days off the blog while we travel back.  Today, I will be talking about the summer, my first full summer away from our Florida home.  Last year I did six weeks in New Hampshire, while my family did the full summer so this year we did a pilot program having the whole family in New Hampshire for the entire summer.

First, let me say that five years ago to spend the whole summer with my family in New Hampshire was only a far away dream, that seemed to be getting farther away.  In the interim many things have happened; I got laid off from my job, my investing has taken off, I started my own business, my father who was in a nursing home in Florida died and of course we bought the condo.  This  process happened faster than I ever imagined.  So when I speak to people about the process of taking control of ones life, I speak from experience.  In short, I imagined it, put a plan in place, and then acted upon the plan.  Not that I am anywhere near my goals, just through the first stage of the process!

Many important things happened this summer as a result of me going through the process of learning to live wealthy.  Here is a partial list:

1. Had the privilege to attend and contribute to a fundraiser for a family that recently had their 4 year old daughter diagnosed with leukemia.  I imagine every parent upon reading this had the same reaction I did when hearing of this situation.  No doubt this situation is every parents nightmare and why it stands out so much to me.

2. My wife was able to go to Boston for long stretches to help her family when her mother had a serious health issue that required extensive hospitalization.  I think this was important from both a psychological standpoint and a functional standpoint.  Having older parents creates both wonderful benefits and also burdens, but the bottom line is 5 years ago we would not have been able to pull it off.

3. The Shafer Wealth Academy keeps marching on with many new clients on board this summer.  Whenever you start a new business you never know how well it will do, especially if it is a unique service.

4. Caught a game at Fenway, simply the best place in the world to watch a baseball game.

5. My son had a great summer full of outside activities and play with cousins and friends.

6.  Escaped the Florida summer heat.

7. A real estate investment is coming quickly to a successful end.

Now for some of the downer parts of the summer:

1. The rain. For six weeks it rained almost every day!

2. It went way to fast.

3. Because of the rain, my hiking schedule was destroyed.  Means a lot of hard work in the pool when I get back.

4. We have two days to get packed up, the house in order, and everything done as we will not be back until December.

5. Did I say it rained a lot!

I hope you all had great summers and your families remain happy and healthy.  Remember if you dream it, build a plan, implement the plan, it will happen.



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