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Let’s look at the results! September 19, 2008

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I regularly talk about evidence based financial planning.  I also am very public with my choices, having posted them on this blog.  Unlike the talking heads on TV, and most financial planners, I admit to my miscalculations.  Over the last year I have told readers that I moved almost all the money I had in mutual funds into other financial products over the last 5 years.  I have done this slowly over time and now have moved 90% of my money out of mutual funds.  Soon, I will have all of it out of mutual funds.  Let’s look at the results of what I have done.  I have put my money mainly into three places.  75% into Berkshire Hathaway, 20% into HCN, a health care REIT, and the remaining into an EIUL for tax protection.  Only HCN costs me anything in current taxation as it pays dividends in the 6% range. The following chart gives the reader a startling look at the results for the last year.




HCN up 25% (remember it also pays a dividend of 6%), Berkshire up 10%, and the S& P Index down 18% (remember that is the index; all mutual funds have expenses that dampen returns and the funds inside 401K’s have fees that average over 2%).  My EIUL return is tied to the S & P 500, doesn’t go negative and has a guarantee of 2%, so it has remained stable.  The real estate I own (outside of the REIT) with the exception of my Florida home has remained stable.  My Florida home dropped 20%, but I am still up 120% since I bought it in 2000.  I have a large investment with a real estate developer in the Boston area, that can pay off at any moment in the neighborhood of 40-50% return on capital (It also can fail to get any return of capital).

Now, these returns are wonderful.  Not all my years have had similar returns.  But since I started moving out of mutual funds into more concentrated positions I have beaten the S & P 500 return every year.  Now here is the main point.  I am no stock picking genius.  I am not even lucky.  I simply have made a bet on riding Buffett’s ability and looked at obvious demographic changes.  Anyone, with a little nudge in the right direction can do what I do.

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