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Recessions make unpleasant company! October 17, 2008

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I work with a quasi-city organization that represents neighborhood issues.  Once, very enthusiastic about this group I have watched it become embittered.  It started with the Ray’s asking the city for some funding for a new downtown stadium.  The opposition was intense, and used every political tactic to their advantage.  But, what bothered me was the bitterness and lack of any decorum this group exhibited. Literally screaming at Ray’s and City representatives as if they were being personally attacked and shaken down for their milk money.  All this over a request to put a referendum on the ballot to allow them to build a downtown stadium and open up a large parcel (where the current stadium is located) for development.  Now, this organization has a court watch, which will send individuals to watch the court cases of petty or in a few cases serious crimes.  I suppose they are there in an attempt to intimidate judges to “throw the book” at these criminals.  Finally, of course, are the people who want to imprison Wall Street folks, for their bad decisions around the mortgage crisis.  No word yet on imprisoning all those folks who lied about their income on mortgage applications, or bought houses that they couldn’t afford!  I guess what I am saying is that we seem to have drifted into a situation where no one trusts anyone else.  We don’t trust city officials to make good decisions, don’t trust judges to give appropriate punishments to criminals, don’t trust corporate CEOs to behave correctly, don’t trust our neighbors, don’t trust the markets to come back, don’t trust people to vote based on the difference in policy or who they want to lead the country, etc.  And worse of all we fail to blame the proper people for our situation.  It is tough in these times to look in the mirror and say, “I have in my control the ability to make good things happen to me.”  But you do, and blaming others doesn’t change that fact! 

Yes, these are bitter times, full of acrimony toward others.  Look at our politicians who use negative campaigning, in order to pump up people against their opponent and then on the other hand pander to the lowest denominator by offering everything under the sun!

What is forgotten is the universal truth that we all must work together in order to accomplish great things.  As long as you are bitter, or blaming others for your predicament, or unwilling to work with others to build something of value, you will fail.  It is that simple!  So turn off the TV, quit watching those old westerns where the singular cowboy walks in and solves all the problems by himself, and start working with others to solve your problems.  Never before in history has it been so easy to reach across the globe to work with others.  Do it, and make your dreams come true!

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