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Last Chance for the Free E-Book; Housekeeping December 12, 2008

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I will be sending out my free e-book (Best of Uncommon Financial Wisdom) next week, so if you want it hit the contact tab and let me know.

I continue to evaluate EIULs, always looking for the best overall policy  for my clients. Even though AVIVA  still has a great policy, I think I have found another top rated company that has a better one: Minnesota Life.

Mortgage rates are very low, especially for purchase money.  The government is considering driving down mortgage rates even lower.  If you can document income and are not upside down, you might want to be ready for a re-finance opportunity early next year with historically low rates.

The Shafer Wealth Academy is being re-organized with some lower price options that allow folks to take advantage of my experience and research.  Call me if this interests you or click on the contact tab and I will call you.  New web site will be up before Christmas (I hope).

For you newbies, everything at my company, Shafer Financial, is organized around helping people to build wealth from the products and services offered to this blog.  I personally use all the products and strategies offered and constantly research the data on products as well as the data on wealth creation.  Wealth creation is my passion as I create wealth for my clients and myself.  It is truly a calling and a win-win proposition for all.

I leave for my home in New Hampshire on the 20th for the holidays.  There is already good snow up there.  Despite the stress of the time of year and the economic stress, keep the attitude positive, I am!



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