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Minnesota Life EIUL just got BETTER! April 29, 2009

Posted by shaferfinancial in Finance.
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As regular readers know, I made a change to selling the Minnesota Life EIUL several months ago because I found it to be the best policy out there.  Well they just added new index options!

1. 100% participation with a 16% maximum per year on the Dow Jones World ex. USA index [W2DOW].  Allows you invest in a diversified set of non-US companies.

2. 140% participation of index with a 14% maximum per year.  For those who believe the stock market will underperform going forward this option allows you to maximize returns.

These new index options along with the S & P 500 with a 16% maximum improves on the best product out there.

Remember it still has a 3% guarantee return for lapse, surrender or death benefit, which is the highest out there!



1. Blake - September 16, 2010

Is it true that a writing agent gets paid a commission on any dump-in money (1035 exchange) that’s used to partially fund an EIUL?
I’m just now learning about these products, and get lots of conflicting information!

2. shaferfinancial - September 17, 2010

Commission structure generally are tied to the face value of the policy written. This is why many agents are reticent to lower the face value down as far as it can go to benefit the consumer. Hope this helps clarify!

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