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Arrived in NewHampshire! June 24, 2009

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After a week of travel and Washington DC tourist stuff,  I am at my home in New Hampshire.  The weather is cool [great] and rainy [bummer].  Washington DC was fun, seeing my nephew and a couple of museums and the typical national monuments and memorials.  C3P0 [Star Wars Fanatic!]was my seven year old’s favorite with the Lincoln Memorial and the White House right behind in popularity.  My favorite was a rare night out at a restaurant.  Went to the Founding Farmers.  It was a great restaurant, great food, great server, interesting menu and drinks.  Highly recommend it for folks who get to Washington DC!

The markets are basically trading in a comfortable trading zone and seem to be unwilling to make a commitment either to Armageddon or irrational exuberance.  Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how to buy more of HCN and MMP at current yields of around 8%.

Several clients have decided to purchase EIULs.  They are concerned with future taxes as well as inflation.  I continue to advise use of this product for those looking for tax free returns and inflation protection with little downside risk.

Hope all are doing well this summer.  After the end of the quarter I will get into more detail about my portfolio and strategies, both how they are doing and hopes for the future.

Read this article on the failure of buy-and-hold investing. Enjoy!



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