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Attitude;Emotions;Intellect; The Three Horsemen of Investing July 30, 2009

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I am in process of reworking my e-book.  Where it failed, I believe, is its reliance on numbers [no matter how convincing the numbers are].  The simple truth is that human emotions lead to attitudes that form the basis for action and the ability to use our intellect.  The goal of my book to help people change the way they think and feel about money first, so they can become more successful at their personal finance.

Now there is a common issue that comes up about money; fear.  And it is best to understand that fear doesn’t come from nowhere, but something has to be done to be fearful.  In short, people hesitate because they don’t want to make the WRONG decision.  And this hesitation is doing something.

Our behavior, both internally [in our minds] and externally determines how we experience and understand this life we live.  If we allow the world to control our behavior then we are really at the mercy of outside influences, a terrible place to be.  However, when we take control of our lives [both internally and externally] we then can use our brains and become proactive with the world.  Yet, the vast majority of people continue to play the victim, continue to think life is a passive exercise.  The bottom line is that its not what happens to you, but how you deal with it that matters.

But how do we get to that place?  That place that allows us to take responsibility for our lives?

My book is going to discuss how we get to the place we need to be in order to become successful.  It is not some “secret” nor is it right vibrations.  It is about taking responsibility for our financial lives.  I will spend some time on this blog talking about this too.

I am heading back to Florida next week with the family following me down in a couple of weeks.  It has finally become summer here in New Hampshire!  Spent some time with my son at “big rock” swimming in the river and watching my son delight in jumping off of the rock, swimming upstream and downstream, and skipping rocks into the river.  As I get older it becomes more apparent that kids know what life is really about; its the adults that get confused!

It is apparent to me that I can best help people by concentrating on their psychology and allowing them to discover the actual techniques of investing [after all that is what my true expertise is in!].  I will continue to post on both for my readers.  I am really going back to my roots as that is how I started the blog and started the Shafer Wealth Academy; talking about attitude and emotions.  It took some very interesting discussions at other blogs [including the Boglehead blog which I got banned at] to drive this home to me.



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