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What makes people think the system will solve their problems? September 29, 2009

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This is one idea that makes so little sense to me.  You have a problem with money and you think there is some expert out there that can solve that issue for you with “standard advice.”  No, only you can solve that issue.  Everybody has the ability to solve their money issues.  Now, having said that there are some issues, like unemployment, that are systemic and beyond the individual to fix.  However, looking toward the government or “capitalism” to solve that issue is asking the fox how to fix the hen house.  That is just a condition we must deal with.  How you deal with it is the key to solving your money issues.  Truth is, human passivity is a learned response.  We are all capable of active intellectual activity to solve problems.  All society can do is put up a safety net to temporarily help as this process plays itself out.

Sounds harsh?  Well, reality is harsh.  As the Buddist tell us, life is suffering, and then we die.  Well, I don’t believe in all that suffering part, at least that there is nothing else to go along with that.  Life is periodic suffering and periodic joy, which we try to minimize the suffering as we go along.

This is anti-financial planner week here at Uncommon Financial Wisdom. 🙂

Which means it is celebrate the individual week!!!!

Become active in your financial thinking.  Ignore the advice of folks that have proven to give bad advice in the past and have not changed.



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