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Musings on Naysayers! October 2, 2009

Posted by shaferfinancial in Finance.
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While on a Southwest flight this week I read a great article in their magazine “Spirit.”  It starts with a great line: “There are two kinds of people in this world entrepreneurs and naysayers.”  This simple declarative sentence sums up a very important concept in wealth building.  Naysayers rarely build wealth.  And as this article goes on to say, “entrepreneurs never follow the advice of naysayers.”

Over the couple of years I have written this blog, I get lots of naysayers commenting.  Most, unfortunately, are not fit for popular consumption being generally obscene or taking personal shots at me.  I say unfortunately because it is useful when naysayers tell us why they don’t agree with items I have written.  This pushes the differences in thinking into stark black and white allowing for great comparisons.

The author of this article goes on to list three investments that were presented to him as opportunities that he passed on [Dell Computers, ___for Dummies books, and Ben and Jerry’s].  Had he chosen to invest in any one of those at the time these opportunities were presented he would be retired comfortably now instead of editing articles for airline magazines!  He found reasons why all of these businesses would fail which he felt were obvious flaws.

Folks, this blog is dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit.  Everything I write from the investments I choose to the strategies I suggest is my attempt to encourage folks to become more of an entrepreneur and less of a naysayer.  This is a difficult choice in every environment but even more difficult in the current one.

Good luck to all of you.



1. Brad Manuel - October 4, 2009

I like to handle my “naysayers” with positive outlooks and patience.

2. shaferfinancial - October 5, 2009

Thanks Brad. I am still working on that “patience” part! 🙂

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