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Year Re-cap; General Thoughts December 31, 2009

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Well it’s been an interesting year, hasn’t it?  From a personal financial standpoint it has been a crazy up and down year.  My gig mainly has me dealing with people’s psychology, and a year like this leaves one drained.  Emotional roller coasters and all, I am thankful for the opportunities I  receive.   My equity investments are close to even for the year, while my real estate investments remain clouded and significantly lower than last year.

Perhaps the lessons of the year for folks are either go with a passive strategy of minimizing losses or [and I think this is the better idea] take the lessons of the last year and use them for your benefit ongoing.  I spent some time [between skiing] watching financial television shows and what I found was the usual attempts at predictions [they never stop trying do they?], and business as usual hawking the hot stocks of the moment.  Value investors have to dig deep to find those gems at this point, but they are there if you look for them.  Berkshire has got to be on many people’s value list with the book value coming so close to what it is trading for.

Well it is my anniversary, so I need to keep this short.  January will bring a new set of posts on psychology and investing, but meanwhile have a great New Year!



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