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Here are two things everbody does, but nobody admits! January 24, 2010

Posted by shaferfinancial in Finance.
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Telling lies and cheating!  Now, settle down, I know you all are honest folk!  But study after study has demonstrated that we really do tell lies all the time and we really do cheat often.  It is part of what is called our underlying nature.  Many times those lies are used to grease the wheels of our social life.  “Honey, do I look good in this pink dress?”  Well, well, well, how do you answer that question?

But probably the most insidious result of these facts are that we don’t change our expectations to deal with them.  In the financial products field, this leads to the forgetting to actually look at real results instead of relying on good sounding theory.  I mean how can people still be selling mutual funds with a straight face looking at actual results over the last 20 years?  By making up something else about them that seems to be important, like expense ratio’s, or asset allocation, or theoretical results to keep you from looking at what you should be looking at, real results!  Those little lies you know.

Maybe its time you stop believing whatever little lies are coming out of their mouths and start looking at actual results?  Maybe its time to really understand what risk is and accept it as part of your investment strategy?  Maybe its time you stop looking to them for all the answers and start looking inside yourself for them?  I just saying…….



1. Angel - February 3, 2010

Yes agree majority of the people in this world are followers. They put so much trust in people and this government that they never really take the time to research things for themselves. America is a communist country everyone is hungry for money. You think most are really out to help but really they just want the Green that’s in your pocket. The government it’s self tries to take your mind off the obvious in this world.. If every one was more open minded and not brained washed they’d be richer!!

2. QC Watchdog - February 5, 2010


I agree with much of what you said except for the communist statement in regards to America.

Many of our current “leadership” would love nothing more than to make us a full blown communist, socialist, or even fascist country but right now we are somewhat a capitalist country with a whole lot of government intervention via regulation or otherwise.

I get your point and what you are saying but wanted to make sure you were saying it the way you really wanted to.

If the healthcare plan(s) continue to pass either piecemeal or in whole then we would have taken a massive step towards communism for sure.

3. linders furniture - April 8, 2011

very nice blog, good read A+

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