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Friday Housekeeping April 30, 2010

Posted by shaferfinancial in Finance, Uncategorized.

Just a few thoughts for this Friday.

MMP upped their dividend by $.01.  Although it is just a small increase, the fact it has resumed an increasing dividend after a year of keeping it constant is a great sign going forward.

Berkshire looks to report a pretty good quarter.  Most of its portfolio had significant increases and its railroad competitors have reported dramatic increases in revenues and income.  Most interesting will be to see how its operating businesses did over the quarter.

The market bull continues, based on improving revenues and income being reported.  At some time we should see a temporary pull back.

Real estate values in my area continue to flat line since late last fall.  I am thankful that the values have stopped their declines, but don’t expect an increase until the excess inventory is eliminated.

Goldman Sachs is in negotiation with the SEC over the civil suit and probably will settle as I predicted.  Unlikely they will be charged with any criminal indictments.  But, there will be a never ending set of civil suits aimed at them until they decide to win in court.

Those that moved from equities to bonds [mutual funds] have a few more months until interest rates start rising and the bond funds drop in value.  Don’t be caught with your pants down!

My personal stock portfolio is now back to its all-time high.

Spending some time working with my son on his school project [Orville Wright].  And again I am amazed both at the problems the Wright Brothers solved to get a powered plane off the ground and the government incentives and subsidies that took their plane from invention to production.  Same old story of a combination of personal genius and government encouragement that produced a social good!

Have a great weekend.  It looks like our first scorcher of the year!



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