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How did I do in 2010? January 24, 2011

Posted by shaferfinancial in Finance.

I periodically update readers on how my personal investments have done.
I will keep this short and remind readers that my portfolio works for me and my ability to handle risk; this is not necessarily the best for anyone else. I will give details of the equities I own after they have all reported 2010 full year results [about 3 weeks from now].

I will list them in the order of percentage of my portfolio:
Berkshire Hathaway returned 21% in 2010. This was all capital gains with no dividend payments.
My EIUL. The S&P Index returned 13% which is below the cap rate for my AVIVA EIUL.
My Real Estate. I sold my house in Florida for a 50% capital gain over my initial cost. The remaining pieces of real estate value has probably dipped around 5% this year [as close as I can figure it]. I have rents of around 2% from some of my real estate so -3%.
Health Care REIT. Capital appreciation of 7% + 11% dividends [based on cost] for a total of 18% return.
Magellan Midstream Partners. 30% in capital appreciation + 9.5% in dividends[based on cost] = 39.5%

Not a bad year for me.
As I mentioned earlier my comments on the specific equities will come after the annual reports.



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