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Equity Brief: 2011 for my stocks January 10, 2012

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I will go in much more in-depth when the year end financials are released over the next 45 days, but for now here are the top line results:
Berkshire Hathaway lost 4.8% of market value in 2011
Magellan Midstream Partners gained 22% of value plus I received dividend of 11% on my cost for a total gain of 33%
Health Care REIT gained 14.4% of value and I received dividends of 12% on my cost for a total gain of 26.4%.
Obviously, this is a very superficial look and a more in-depth discussion will happen later.



1. MargeryPekar - February 4, 2012

keep going ahead

2. Jim Pratt - April 25, 2012

I really wish you would write more, explaining different types of investments, pros and cons. I been investing in real estate for around 45 years, it’s the only inverstment that I’m really good at and done quite well. All my other invesments, well, could have done better at the Casino. Thanks.

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