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When is it time to start your financial plan? May 1, 2012

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Truth, that is a loaded question. Implicit in the questions is that you have a well thought out financial plan. But most people just go about their financial planning doing what everyone else does, or what some designated “expert” tells all their clients to do. Usually, there is some enterprising financial expert pushing their products as the “first” thing you need to do and we can do some planning as long as you buy my product first. My advice is simple: think outside the box of 401k, IRA, Mutual Funds, Term Life Insurance, and yes even Whole Life policies. Get ahold of someone that has made money in real estate investing and learn how to get started and what you will need. See if that is a doable investment for you both financially and emotionally. Talk to me about EIULs and whether that would be appropriate for you. Research dividend producing equities. Line them up and decide which one’s, if any, are appropriate for you and what order makes sense for starting.



1. Elisha Kean - June 13, 2012

Financial planning is a process that requires discipline and for many a financial planner offers the advice and guidance one needs to stay on budget. The first step toward planning your financial future is usually the hardest, but regardless of when you begin, the basics remain the same.

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