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HCN 1st Quarter Results May 8, 2013

Posted by shaferfinancial in Finance.
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Heath Care REIT had a solid, yet unspectacular quarter.
FFO increased 5% from the year before
FAD increased 4% from the year before
There was $2.6B in investments made in the quarter
Same store NOI increased 3.5%
5.6% growth in senior housing
Private pay to 82% from 73% the year before
Dividend increase of 3.4% from 1st quarter 2012.

It is this last number, dividend increase that is concerning to me.
I look to see my dividends increasing at much higher rates than 3%, more like double that amount.
The company is still offering guidance of increase of FAD 5-8% for the year. I am looking for the later number.

The value of shares has gone up 12.6% since the first of the year. Frankly, I think it has gotten a little expensive, so I am considering selling a small portion. I will monitor it closely over the next few months for a selling opportunity. I might have missed this opportunity as it has pulled back 2% over the last couple days. I have another couple stocks on my watch list.



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