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I had a GREAT summer vacation August 8, 2013

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Hello readers,

Just thought I would update you on my summer.  We took a cross country trip.  We drove the Oregon Trail, spent time in Oregon, came back to see family in Indiana and dropped off and then 2 weeks later picked up my son at camp in Canada!

It was great seeing this wonderful country again.  For my wife and son it was the first time really seeing the West [outside of California, and a few ski trips for my wife].  Following the Oregon Trail was a really cool way of seeing a large swath of the country.  The trail goes for over 2000 miles from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City. Most of the time we were off the interstates.  You can still see ruts in all the states the trail went through.  You can actually drive on some.  The Federal system of parks and recreation areas are still very well kept.  However, the state and local park systems in some areas [Nebraska and Kansas especially] showed years of neglect. I am not just talking from the great recession but neglect for 20-30 years for some.  Image

This is regrettable as our country has a history and ecology that should be preserved. At all the parks there were foreign visitors and it was embarrassing for me that some of the local and state parks were falling apart and unkempt.  We had thoughts of stopping at Yellowstone on the way back, but the crowds were enormous and we had time issues.  We did spend some time in Jackson, Wyoming and across the notch at Alta.  My son and wife really want to come back to ski that area.

I had not spent much time in Oregon before, so spending 2 weeks there was great. We stayed at friends’ home and we all went camping at some pretty cool places in Oregon. They are great hosts and experienced campers. It was nice having such wonderful Oregon guides show us around. We also went to the coast and put our feet in the Pacific.

My son had a great time at camp [first time for an overnight camp].  We picked him up tired and sunburn for which his mother gave him a really good lecture!

All in all I feel blessed that I could do this with my family.

Now that I am back, I have arranged my work so I have more time to spend posting on this blog.  I had neglected it because I was posting on other blogs all over the internet as their EIUL, financial planner expert.  I am limiting my other writing for a while to get this blog back on track with more frequent postings.  You will notice that I will write on more varied topics.

Hope you all are doing well.

Thanks for reading my blog,

David Shafer






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