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Index Annuities May 20, 2014

Posted by shaferfinancial in Finance.
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So your mutual funds went up over 30% last year. You are feeling pretty good about your impending retirement now aren’t you? 5 straight up years, this stock market investing is pretty easy money! You calculate how much money will be in your retirement accounts when that retirement date comes up using a 8% annual return and it looks pretty nice.

Let me be a “Debby Downer.” It’s not going to be like you think it will. And the odds are almost 100%, if you are within 15 years of retirement, that it will be a lot worse than you think it will be. We are due for a correction. I don’t know exactly when, but it is due. You will have a strongly negative year sometime between now and your impending retirement, probably a couple if your retirement is more than 6 years out. So what will this due to your retirement income?

If you can get control of your retirement account from your employer, or if you have control now, you can lock in these gains from the last 5 years. And you should. By putting your money into a fixed index annuity you can GUARANTEE at least 7% rates of returns between now and your retirement annually. So not only can you lock in your gains, you can GUARANTEE future growth at a reasonable rate.

Why would you take the risk of losses in your retirement account if you don’t have to?
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