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Here’s a Deal For YOU! September 2, 2014

Posted by shaferfinancial in Finance.

I got an investment for you.
First you are going to invest in a strategy that has failed for 2 generations.
That strategy will have you investing in things you don’t have the time to possibly understand the details of.
You are going to be locked out of getting your money from that investment for as long as you work at your job or perhaps they will let you get at it and only charge you 10%.
You will defer taxes, but if you have any success at all with this investment you will end up paying more taxes than you deferred.

So are you ready to sign up?
You probably already are; its your 401K at work!



1. Christopher Holland - September 4, 2014

What is your latest assessment of your energy/dividend stock investments?

shaferfinancial - September 4, 2014

Well, I am getting a boatload of dividends this month, so I am very satisfied.
Been a lot of variability and negative sentiment driven by folks who have a short sided view on energy [IMHO].
SDRL stated dividend is secure well into 2016 even if rig environment doesn’t improve.
AWLCF dividend will probably go down slightly soon, but my yield on cost in over 22%. So I have a lot of downside room. This was expected when I bought it. This will be my 4th dividend from it for a total of 21% on my investment.
SFL increased its dividend and is looking stronger than ever this quarter
HCN has been steady, but I am starting to sell on upward movement since the dividend increases are not big enough for my growth strategy
VLCCF is a small position for me, and I still expect it to raise dividends significantly over the next couple years as it completes its ship purchases.

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