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Could you have avoided the loss of savings in your 401K? March 27, 2020

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Of course. If you had read any of my blog you know you could have.
Total losses due to the stock indexes dropping 30-40% from my clients?

That’s right, EIULs don’t go negative, only share in the positive movement.
I’ve written many posts on this.
Time to get off the stock market roller coaster?
Time to get another EIUL?
Time to set up your children for the future?

Think this is the last virus induced panic?


1. Kirk Doughty - March 27, 2020

I enjoy your blog, always have. I have a distribution question; If you have a 401k and EIUL in retirement, what do you think about stopping 401k distributions when the market is down and using EIUL instead? I’m thinking this will increase funds available over the long haul.

shaferfinancial - March 27, 2020

Kirk, yes. That is the exact strategy I suggest for people who get their EIULs later in life and have a 401K. And one of the many good reasons to get an EIUL even if you have an ongoing 401K/IRA/403B.

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