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COVID 19 April 11, 2020

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Because I live in a sparsely populated state and live next to an even more sparsely populated state, I can track the virus cases pretty closely. According to the University of Washington modelers, Vermont is past peak and here in New Hampshire we are basically at peak. So far about half the deaths in New Hampshire are of institutional residents (Nursing Homes, Disabled Home). In Vermont where the deaths are detailed, 20% of all cases are from 2 nursing homes.

This is very frustrating for me, because the institutions of long term care should have been put into lockdown day 1 of this pandemic. I know this is “Monday morning quarterbacking” to some, but it is really what history tells us we should do for our most vulnerable citizens. I find it hard to believe after all we have experienced over the years with pandemics, that this wasn’t the first move. In addition, stay at home orders should have been issued for all non-working folks over the age of 60. I believe there was no need to crash the economy to protect folks. So many people think that “flattening the curve” was about saving lives, when it wasn’t really. In fact, at the end of the day, it will probably cost us lives.

Flattening the curve was an attempt to keep peaks from overwhelming the medical system, but it elongates the curve and when we reach herd immunity. And it is only herd immunity that protects our most vulnerable population. At the end of the day, I might be wrong and this virus behaves differently than all the other virus pandemics, but I think history will prove me right. This won’t be the last virus to reach pandemic status. Are we going to crash the economy every time??????

Yes, there are hot spots that require assistance with more medical workers, equipment, PPDs, etc. But, we have the know how to set up temporary MASH units for these hot spots. And yes, they would have been temporary. The virus will kill folks. That is the bottom line. That is biology or nature. Nature is bigger than us, something we need to admit. People die, something we need to admit.

At the end of the day, will more people die of this virus or from the effects of unemployment, stress, violence, homelessness, etc. that the stay at home orders caused?

Will the governors double down now and continue to issue stay at home orders even when we are weeks beyond peak?

Locally, the town of Hanover is upset because 85 or so students returned to campus (mostly international students). They feel this could overwhelm the town??????? One person quoted as saying having all these “vectors” coming back to town is a terrible injustice to Hanover. No comment on when they closed campus and sent thousands of “vectors” all over the world a month ago. I guess it was OK for colleges to send their “vectors” home, but not when a few students come back to town.

And on one evening the students were caught not social distancing and playing beer pong in their off campus apartment. Gasp…….How long before many more break social distancing requirements? I mean we can just social distance for months and months, right, with no negative effects……..

Maybe we should have given them the anti-body test to see if they are part of the cure (crowd immunity)?

OK…just my opinion and one of a small but getting more vocal minority.


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