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Not the Aquarius Age? May 2, 2008

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There has been fundamental changes in our economy that have created a very different environment than existed for workers last century. I know the politicians like to talk about globalization and the loss (or not) of jobs to foreign countries.  And certainly there is some truth to the movement of jobs to lower pay scale countries.  But there is a much greater movement that goes unnoticed, at least by the political class.

This new movement is to increased skill and cognitive abilities for workers.  No longer does a worker slave away at simple movements.  No longer does a worker have the opportunity to not use their intellectual faculties at work.  If you read Marx, you will note that his observation of workers (circa 1850’s) is of totally dehumanizing work, using up their bodies, freezing their brains and this was undoubtedly right well into the 20th century.  But now machines do much of the actual work, while workers need to control the machines.  And even this work, because of the increase in productivity is slowly disappearing across the globe.  In short, the work of this century is cognitive, brain based work.  We are in the COGNITIVE AGE.

So when I point out the imperative of understanding wealth building, it is not simply to help people become millionaires, but to get them to understand these things themselves, or they will not do well in the cognitive age. 


This age requires of us to use our mental faculties in every part of our lives.  And this also requires us to move beyond simple formula’s for understanding finance or our retirement needs.  You can input data into a retirement calculator all day long, but unless you can see into the future, then you need to constantly recalculate your plan.  And if you are depending on someone else to do this for you, then you are at the mercy of folks who have their financial future ahead of yours.

Maybe you should make it your business to take a fresh look at your financial life, now, before it is too late!